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Coastal Landscape Study

Overview of Study

Chautauqua County Soil and Water Conservation has partnered with PROOF Projects to conduct a study of the Lake Erie shoreline from Silver Creek to Cattaraugus Creek to better understand the coastal processes that contribute to the challenges in our communities including:

  • flooding 
  • habitat loss
  • degradation of our beaches through erosion 
  • deposition of non-sand materials such as stones and woody debris.  

This study will take place between the fall of 2023 and the summer of 2024 and will result in recommended natural solutions that intends to:

  • enhance beach health.
  • improve recreational access.
  • preserve fishing habitat.
  • help to mitigate impacts of lakeshore flooding. 

Kickoff Meeting Materials

Photos of Historical Floods

Photos of flooding and/or how the shoreline looked in the past have been provided by some in Sunset Bay to help provide context to the team. 

Additional photos are welcome and can be sent to

2022 Storms

Here is a collection of photos of the storms…nasty stuff!

Denise Tunney

1086 W Erie St

Sunset Bay

Dec 2022 flood/storm on 12825 Cayuga

Judy and Frank Boniface

2021 Storms

More photos from Denise Tunney at 1086 W Erie St, Sunset Bay

Michael Borowiak - 1080 west erie 

These were the December 2021 and November 2020 storms.

2020 Storms

More photos of all the debris and trees.

Denise Tunney

1086 W Erie St

Sunset Bay

Michael Borowiak - 1080 West Erie 

These were the December 2021 and November 2020 storms.


Additional Photos - Unknown Date

We live on the creek next to Hidden Harbor Marina. A few years back the creek was dredged improperly and ever since we have been losing land - approx 30 feet in the last 6-7 years. We have been talking with the county and legislators about getting help for 2 years now and they all agree the dredging was a problem. Large tree roots are being exposed and if one falls, it will block the creek.

Attached are 2 pictures showing the lost land - you can see the original land line at the poles.  If you click on the picture it gets bigger and has a better view.  I am hoping these pictures will help and please keep us informed of any news about funding or help with this erosion issue.  

Chuck & Kathy Gebler

12898 Ontario St

Nancy Tackley

968 Charles

We have sewer drain in backyard which seems to be plugged 99% of the time. Always floods during any rain or snow melt. Horrible. These are actually nice pics.  Water usually above fire pit... Knee height. Pics taken in spring. Don't have exact date.

Annette R Hoeber 

1016 South Shore

Michael and Kimberly Burlow

979 Charles St

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